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Along with providing the most options for successful treatments, we give our patients the personal attention that they need to be truly satisfied.


We are in business to be of service to our customers in their desire for improved hearing. Everything we do, every interaction we have should further our goal of being helpful to them and bring more enjoyment to
their life.


We believe in giving realistic expectations in the use of your hearing aids so that you will have the best chance of success!

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A life changing experiance...

February 13, 2018

I was recently forwarded to Celestial Hearing Solutions by my Blue Cross provider, thru True Hearing, as they had a discount arrangement. I contacted True Hearing, who reached out to my local provider, and made my appointment. They then provided me with the details and asked me to confirm, which I did. Upon my arrival, I was impressed with the extent of my hearing examination, as it seemed more intensive than many of my previous experiences. I’d been told in the past on at least three occasions that I required custom ear molds, which I found quite unsatisfactory, as they left me feeling as though I had my fingers plugged firmly into my ears. Eating was especially unpleasant as I could hear my jaws moving. Needless to say, I ended up not using them, since they were so uncomfortable to wear. Such was my experience with hearing aids over the last seven or eight years. Meanwhile my wife was begging me to try again, as she felt that our relationship was suffering due to my hearing loss. Upon testing my hearing, Paula suggested a less invasive solution in the form of softer inserts. She also suggested hearing aids that would interact with my I Phone, relieving the need for a yoke that had been required by my previous Oticon hearing aids. To make a long story shorter, my new hearing aids are a quantum leap forward over the previous two sets. For the first time I was able to hear without discomfort. Instead of finding them bothersome and unpleasant to wear, I have to consciously check my ears to see if I’m wearing them. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the differences. My wife is delighted with the improvement, as we are now able to converse without my need to second guess what she said, which as often as not was incorrect. She feels my improved hearing has definitely improved our relationship. The funny thing is that I now put in my “ears”, as I’ve begun to think of them, upon waking, out of habit. Given that my wife works in Silver City, and we only see each other on weekends, this is in marked contrast to my previous hearing aids that I only wore when we were together. These are so comfortable that I wear them out of choice, as opposed to necessity. The process thru True Hearing was seamless, and Blue Cross promptly approved my claim without even charging me the co-insurance that I accustomed to paying. Paula was determined that I would be happy with the results and provided excellent AAA++++ service throughout. Thanks again for a job well done… I recommend your practice in the most glowing terms, as you’ve converted a reluctant hearing aid wearer, into a true believer…

John K Hain

Response from Celestial Hearing Solutions

Thank you! It is absolutely my pleasure to help you hear better. Improving people’s ability to communicate and participate more in their lives is what it’s all about. Paula

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We treat each and every patient as an individual to best accommodate their hearing wants and needs, along with realistic expectations for success with best-in-class hearing solutions to better experience their world.


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